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guitar, vocals
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Drive, energy, melody… 

Raw guitar, vocal harmonies, thumping bass and driving drums, with just a touch of electronica… Coldfeet are the culmination of years of dedication and determination to play the right music in the right way with the right sound.

Originally formed many years ago from the remnants of various bands from Plzen and beyond, one member after another has come and gone, along with many name changes, until we reach the Coldfeet lineup we see today:

Míša (vocals, keys) 
Dick (guitar, vocals) 
Vojta (bass) 
Pavel (drums)

Fusing together their many influences from punk to jazz, dance to rock, Britpop to death metal, while always maintaining the foundation of energetic guitar-driven melodies and vocal harmonies, Coldfeet are the mish-mash that shouldn’t work but does… and it works so well!

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